Sleepy Times


Leo’s felt something flutter inside as he watch Usagi slip off his kimono. Leo wasn’t sure if staring was okay, but he couldn’t really tear his eyes away. He’d felt the muscles beneath Usagi’s fur, yet seeing them left Leo even more breathless. He knew he’d invited the rabbit to join, but when they were under the covers together Leo’s nerves became doubly frayed. Still, he returned the nuzzle, albeit a little stiffly, and pulled him close. He had been waiting for this the entire day, so he wasn’t about to not take the opportunity. His hands slid to Usagi’s back, stroking the newly exposed fur. He snuggled closer, sighing contentedly. “Finally” He murmured with a short laugh.

"I’m not really sure how I’m going to survive all that tomorrow." He shook his head, so Usagi could feel the movement across his fur. "Though maybe today was worse because we we’re interrupted." Leonardo said this while pressing a finger underneath his chin and tilting his face upward. Leo knew he said kissing was too fast, and maybe it still was, but after the moment had been taken away, he’d been thinking about kissing Usagi all day. He’d gotten a little taste already, and even when not expecting it, that had been nice. Now, he wondered what it would feel like without all the backbite emotions and hesitation.

This day has felt so long… just to be close to you is the best thing I could ask for, Leonardo-kun." He smiled and felt how stiff and timid Leo appeared to be now. He tried his best to relax him, lightly rubbing his hand along one shoulder, affectionately rubbing one of his feet against the turtle’s. "We can always slip away out of the sewer… maybe for some private training." He suggested with a smile through the darkness.

He reveled in the moment, comforted by Leo’s close presence. Usagi seemed less stiff and more at ease, though he had one night of experience more than his current lover. Truth was, Usagi just couldn’t feel uncomfortable around Leo. Something deep down, and he wasn’t exactly sure what, just made him so affectionate towards him. He was never like this, not even with Mariko.

By the time Usagi stopped thinking, Leo had put his finger on his chin to lift up his head. His lips felt dry all of a sudden again, licking them before giving a smile through the darkness. He hesitated at first before he finally decided to lean in, very slowly, giving Leo enough time to pull away before their lips touched for their first proper kiss.

Usagi using Leo’s bandanna to hold his ears up will always be my favourite headcanon.

Sleepy Times


Leo had been relieved when his sensei had agreed to let Usagi stay. He realized didn’t have anything to worry about, as Splinter had not only agreed to accept Usagi into their home, but asked if Usagi wanted something to eat or drink. Leo mentioned the tea, and Splinter had left them alone, shuffling back into his room to meditate. Donatello didn’t really bother them much either, choosing to retreat to laboratory as he usually did. That left Leo and Usagi alone again. It was like that for most of the day, only when dinner rolled around were they forced into the same room as Leo’s brothers and master. However, Leo chose not to repeat their previous closeness, explaining in a couple of whispered sentences while they were meditating that he didn’t want to be walked in on. 

Finally though it was time for bed. Lights were shut off all around their underground home. It was a little strange for Usagi to walk right in with no suspicions glances or questions, but Leo reminded himself that he had expected this, as his family really had nothing to be suspicious of. Leo untied his mask and slipped under his covers. “Could you um… get the light before… uh…” he patted the spot next to him, not wanting to voice his request for fear of overhearing, and for fear of blushing bright red. 

Usagi had enjoyed his day with the turtles, even if he was eager just to spend some time alone with Leo. He maintained his usual image and he was very good at hiding any notion that he wanted to be close to Leonardo, albeit he was sure the others understood that the two dual-sword carrying warriors were close enough with their ideas of honor and love of bushido. He spoke with Splinter for spells, tried to understand Mikey and Donnie while making the occasional small talk with Raph, but ultimately they really just wanted to catch up with Usagi before letting Leo have him, so it seemed.

As the night drew closer and he retreated to Leo’s room, he slipped inside his room and closed the door behind him. There was a spare sleeping bag at the end of Leo’s bed, but he wasn’t interested in it at all. Instead, he smiled over at Leo who had slipped under the covers. Usagi removed his topknot and thought for a moment. Usually he slipped down to his fundoshi, but he wasn’t sure if that was too… soon for this point in their relationship. He gulped and removed his kimono, revealing his furry, toned abdomen and chest. He slowly folded his kimono and placed it on the sleep bag before returning to turn out the light, covering them in darkness. It was his weakness and Leo’s strength and he felt so vulnerable right now. But he slipped in beside Leo and soon, under the warm covers, he pushed up close to the turtle, giving him a loving nuzzle.




having to use your own art as reference cause you forgot how to draw


having to go back to reread previous chapters of your own story as a reference because you forgot how to write 


Being a better Robin Hood because, unlike some other Robin Hoods, you can speak with an English accent.


A Tale of Fur and Shell. // The-Thing-About-Blades


"I… you do?" He’d never been complimented so openly on his appearance before. Leo’s eyes shifted downward, focusing on a small square of Usagi’s robes. When he focused back upward, they were even closer. Their noses touched, and Leonardo relaxed, understand why Usagi had gotten so near. 

"Uh… thank you Usagi." All this touching and all these compliments were leaving him flustered again. He wasn’t sure how he was ever going to get used to this. He could calm himself momentarily, but when Usagi started saying stuff like this, his mind went a little haywire. "I can definitely say the same. Even the thought of us being on opposing sides seems… wrong." 

Usagi was so close. Leo knew he’d said  kissing was off limits, but when Usagi’s breath was brushing against his lips like this, and compliments were still echoing in his ears…

He began to lean forward just a bit more so that their lips could meet again, this time in a real kiss, when the doors of the lair elevator grumbled open. Leo jumped, and quickly pushed Usagi away. His face burned as he quickly knotted his headband back onto his face. Surely the whole day hadn’t passed right? He glanced at the clock, and saw that he was right. 

It appeared both his Master and Donatello had chosen to come home early. He mouthed “We can talk later” to Usagi, already feeling guilty for wrenching him away so quickly, and tried to keep the disappointed look off his face as he greeted his family.  

The ronin felt Leo moving forward. He was hesitant but if Leo wanted it, he wouldn’t back out now. He smiled slightly as he leaned forward, their lips just a mere inch from the others until he was suddenly pushed off of the turtle’s lap, grunting as he fell onto the couch beside him. He heard a booming loud noise that was unfamiliar to the rabbit, but by the sudden anxiety and rush to get his bandanna back around his eyes, he could only assume it meant his family was home. He grabbed his own fabric and fixed his ears into a topknot, patting down his clothes that had gotten wrinkled from cuddling with Leo.

He mouthed back, “Very well.” before he greeted Leonardo’s family. He bowed to Master Splinter first, then to each of the turtles in turn. “My friends, it is good to see you all again! I apologise for my uninvited intrusion," He started, directing his words to Master Splinter, "Winter is at its worst and I was wondering if I would be able to seek shelter here you and your family, Sensei?" He asked with a smile, though he was ready for whatever answer he was given.


a bunch of nickelodeon writers sit in a board room. “i was thinking we could start this new ninja turtles episode off with donatello and casey fighti” a pterodactyl flies in and tears the man in two with his razor sharp beak “UNNECESSARY CONFLICT FUELED BY JEALOUSY OVER A SHARED ROMANTIC INTEREST IS THE LAZIEST FORM OF DRAMATIC TENSION IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COULD BE SOLVED BY A SIMPLE CONVERSATION” the dinosaur shrieks “ALSO MICHELANGELO AND LEATHERHEAD SHOULD CUDDLE MORE” 

As much as it interests me to see how Usagi will look like in the 2k14 TMNT movie, but I'm afraid what you said has some truth to it. It would be great if Usagi could appear in TMNT 2012 no matter what the circumstances, since it's almost tradition for him to appear in every TMNT franchise.
+ Anonymous

That’s certainly it, it’s tradition. But that doesn’t automatically mean he will. Usagi does not belong to Nickelodeon and it is up to Stan Sakai himself on whether or not he wishes to include Usagi in a generation of TMNT. At the present time, there is NO confirmation in ANY way that Usagi will appear in 2k12. Nothing has been mentioned at the conventions and Stan Sakai himself has denied any involvement in 2k12. He has enough on his plate trying to get Usagi Yojimbo back on track whilst having to take care of his wife.

A Tale of Fur and Shell. // The-Thing-About-Blades


Leo hesitated  again when Usagi shivered, but when he realized he wasn’t causing any pain, he continued sliding his thumb up and down. He couldn’t help but blush slightly at the fact that his own touch had caused such a strong reaction. Leo laughed when Usagi lifted his mask tails, but kept his hand where it was, rhythmically stroking the rabbit’s ear against the side of his face.  ”I guess they can’t look good on everyone. They definitely suit you though.” 

His other hand followed Usagi’s upwards. He laid it over Usagi’s hand, but didn’t do anything to stop him taking the mask off. “Honestly… it feels a little weird having it off. I wear it so often.” He paused at the statement. “What do I look like if not a ninja?” Then he smiled a little sadly. “Is this even… okay? We’re technically supposed to be enemies aren’t we?” 

Usagi frowned and furrowed his brow, thinking for a moment, “You look… handsome. Not that it covers much up but… the mask hides your eyes. I like your eyes." He let the fabric fall down Leo’s shell, draping his arms over Leo’s shoulders. He leaned forward, as if he was going to kiss him again, but he rubbed his nose lightly against Leo’s beak.

I grew up being told that ninja were a samurai’s truest enemy. That they are deceitful and treacherous. You taught me that a ninja can fight fairly and with honor." He rubbed a hand over one of Leo’s shoulders lightly, "I certainly trust you more than most samurai I know. I would never call you my enemy, Leonardo-kun." He smiled.

If Usagi were to be cast in the TMNT live-action movie, would you prefer him to look like the bara turtles and would you agree to the idea that he would be a mutant rather than a samurai from another universe? Or do you think they should stick to Usagi's origins if he were to be in the movie?
+ Anonymous

Well, Usagi’s story in correlation with the TMNT universe, for those who are not fully aware, began with the original Mirage and Usagi Yojimbo comics in which Leonardo found himself thrown into Usagi’s world. It was an alternate version of Earth’s Japan during the 17th century Edo Period.

This was reiterated in the 1987 episode “Usagi Yojimbo” in which Usagi found HIMSELF in the turtle’s lair. 2003’s series went a step further, opening up the idea of a multi-dimensional battle tournament known as the Battle Nexus, in which different fighters from the multiverse would attend in attempt to win.

I would be quite upset if Usagi appeared as a ‘mutant’, however, Nickelodeon do not own Usagi Yojimbo and thus he would not appear as a full character in anything without Stan Sakai’s permission. I would prefer him to remain as a character from a different dimension with his own story, however that would never fit in with the TMNT 2k14 movie’s storyline unless they chose to go down the fantasy root like the comics did (which I don’t foresee them doing, as it’s not a move that Micheal Bay would bet on His movies focus on situations that happy on a realistic Earth ((albeit he isn’t the director, but I sense he has a HUGE input into how the movie is made))).

All in all, I would love to see bara!Usagi, however he is not owned by Nickelodeon and would not appear in the movie. I have this strange suspicion Stan Sakai has a better relationship with Peter Laird, hence why Usagi appeared in 2k3 (in which Peter had a heavier influence) and hasn’t yet been confirmed to appear in 2k12 (in which Kevin has a bigger influence).